West Corner Carwash & Shisanyama

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable, competent and professionally skilled Car washing Company in Pretoria. We undertake to ensure quality work with extreme customer satisfaction & we carry out to provide you the best service and positive response to all type of queries. We are also committed towards providing the highest quality service and competitive prices.

At West corner Carwash, we regard ourselves as specialists in the car washing field, serving your car with fully car washing equipment & hand wash. In this fast moving life today we are spending more time in travelling in the car, navigating traffic jams, Air pollution, Dust, Rain, Sunlight road conditions & as a result there is a severe need of professional car cleaning organization to take care of the customer car. West Corner is here to give all solutions & spreading the awareness among car users about their car hygiene habits, cleanliness & other common cleaning tips. We also take care of our customer’s car with safety, security as well as trained man power.


  • INTEGRITY: Our desire to stick to our commitments at any cost.
  • EXCELLENCE: Our continuing drive to be the very best that we can be.
  • PEOPLE: We will provide an environment of leadership and transparency.
  • COMMUNITY: Our responsibility is to build and enrich the community in which we operate.
  • MISSION: Quality, Effective, Responsive, and Integrated services as well as a culture of leadership, quality process and customer service with Safety & Security.
  • LEADERSHIP: Our staff ensure that they do not just do things right but also display vision and character.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our commitment is to provide the highest possible standard of excellence to the point that our customer will go out their way to return for future service. We seek to create long term relationship with our customers.

West Corner is also a kasi style food and drinks establishment best known as a “shisanyama” and we cater for the niche market of clientele who want good food as well as a vibey ambiance. We treat both the lifestyle (vibey ambience) and food quality with equal importance, we do not neglect or sacrifice one area of our business to concentrate on the other. Our look and feel appeals to a wide variety of consumers.Our menu consist of mixed grill (braai) options, traditional food as well as sphathlo which varies in price according to the customer’s preference.


To create an environment where people feel free to express themselves casually, socially and professionally, where we provide the canvas and our customers the rest, thus building strong and successful ventures which will have an impact and blossom throughout communities


To be dedicated at all times to our customers and employees without ever sacrificing the quality which our enterprise strives to achieve and maintain.

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