Dakairo Group is a dynamic team offering multiple business solutions.

For years, our priority has been to deliver unrivalled attention to detail. As service leaders, our unique approach is to get personal with our clients’ needs and build your business with you, whatever your need.


Our mission is to combine the skills and knowledge of our workforce with a commitment to provide a professional and high quality level of service. The purpose is to fulfil the requirements of all our varied clients to their complete satisfaction. By caring for people and brands we work with we aim to have significant ant value towards stakeholders. We strive to achieve predominately a high standard of quality. Our strategic business plan is to grow naturally within the capacity of a well trained workforce and close relationships with our supply chain. We work for those with a continuous need to produce once off projects of high quality.

Level 1 BBBEE

Dakairo Group is a 100% level 1 EME black owned youth company which contributes 16 points towards the BBBEE enterprise development scoring

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