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April 2020

Farewell To An Honourable Solider

Farewell To An Honourable Solider 600 600 Admin

Goodbyes are hard but life is about change. We would like to formally bid Farewell to one of our strongest team member Mr Guga, Keith. It was a bitter sweet moment as we had to say our goodbyes in February. Mr. Guga, was a Ventso Group team member for 3 years. In those 3 years we got know his strong character and his bashful smile.


Farewell Mr. Guga, you will certainly be missed

Accomplishments That Matter: TT100 Awards.

Accomplishments That Matter: TT100 Awards. 600 600 Admin

“Do not work for recognition, do work that’s worthy of recognition” – Unknown.

We closed off the year with a wonderful accolade, of which, we are proud to share with you. We beat out several companies in the 2019 TT100 Awards. Held at the DaVinci Institute of Creative Leadership.

We take such recognition to heart, this inspires us to keep moving forward as an organisation.

New Subscribers? Yes Please.

New Subscribers? Yes Please. 600 600 Admin

We are finally part of the YouTube community!

You have been with us for several years now and we would like to continue our journey into the 4thindustrial revolution (4IR) with you.

The channel will showcase what our corporate family gets up to in the office and out.

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